Personal Video Database Portable

Personal Video Database Portable

Catalogue your personal video collection

With YouTube and other sites providing ever increasing amounts of video content, it's easy to lose track of all the clips you've downloaded - that's not to mention all your DivX films. View full description


  • Very simple and easy to use
  • Retrieves video info from internet
  • Allows you to track who you've loaned films to


  • Database internet retrieval can be slow

Not bad

With YouTube and other sites providing ever increasing amounts of video content, it's easy to lose track of all the clips you've downloaded - that's not to mention all your DivX films.

Personal Video Database is a very simple but functional database that gathers together all of the clips on your hard drive that allows you to catalogue them in some kind of meaningful way. perhaps the most aesthetically beautiful or complete in terms of functionality, but it works and All the basic features you'd expect such as cataloguing by genre, title, rating etc are there plus there's even a rudimentary online database check that can verify what your film or clip is based on keywords. This even extends to importing cover art of films and TV shows if necessary or available although you can disable this retrieval feature as it can take some time. If you want to expand it the program, you can do so via plugins that are included in the installation package although most of these plugins just extend the information retrieving functions.

It's not the best looking program in the world and it doesn't come with any outstanding features but its fast, lightweight and does what it's supposed to.


  • Database: Client-Server Support
  • Database: Replace folders in file paths when playing
  • Database: Access Rights
  • Database: Password protect
  • File Scanner: RegExp support and additional functionality
  • File Scanner: Customizable file extensions for all video file operations
  • Movies: Automatic screenshots (configure in Preferences)
  • Movies: Using ffmpeg for taking screenshots
  • Movies: Use first screenshot as poster option
  • Movies: Organize files by episodes (move multiple files from root record to separate episode records)
  • Movies: Video file information (now get information for multiple selected movies)
  • Custom fields: Additional types, sorting, grouping, filtering (advanced search)
  • New fields: Budget, box office, release date, aspect ratio, original language, multiple audio streams, date added (people)
  • New fields: Last modified (movies and persons)
  • Import: New plugin system - work progress UI; downloading multiple posters, movies or persons at once
  • Import: IMDb plugin option: download only one plot summary
  • Import: The TVDb plugin
  • Import: Download all found posters option (for kinopoisk plugin; IMPawards will be updated soon)
  • Export: Fields now accessed by name
  • Export: Replace options added - replacecase and replace
  • Export: Customizable naming format for exported images
  • Export: Export near video files
  • General: Movie Twitter
  • General: PVD Tray Icon
  • Tools: Search-list-as-you-type (for movies/people)
  • Tools: Advanced search filters for Awards
  • Tools: Find movies removed from HDD
  • Tools: Reindex movies
  • Tools: Apply web search to all selected items
  • Appearance: Skins - customizable colors, fonts, sizes and positions for all fields
  • Appearance: Customizable Toolbar, Hotkeys and List font
  • Appearance: Customize behaviour of links (Preferences - Miscellaneous)
  • Appearance: Collapsed/Expanded state of fields now restored after program restart
  • Hotkey: Remove all posters/photos/screenshots/covers
  • Hotkey: Expand/Collapse all fields
  • Internet connection: Download thread timeout (advanced setting)

With Personal Video Database you can catalog your movie collection fast and easy.

Thought-out user interface and different database management function make it easy to create and manage big movie databases. Powerful filtering, grouping and sorting help you find movies very fast.

Personal Video Database Portable


Personal Video Database Portable